Is addiction bad for your family?

Is addiction bad for your family?

I am a friend of Paul & Ronel.I am married to Veronica (32 years) and have already had a fantastic life with her. We work together, believe in Jesus together and have the most amazing family together. I have four brothers (spread across the world and miss them very much) and four (my lucky number) wonderful kids, Andrew married to Mbali, Monica married to ABInBev, Debbie married to Cape Town, and Mark, a recovering addict.

Our life has always been overflowing, from the time we met, spending every weekend attending the local South African Music scene and loving every band we could find. Up until today, where our kids stretch us, a lot further than we ever imagined.

I have spent 25 years in the Data Management field, where I met Paul, and will hopefully work with data until I go home. Veronica is a best teacher that I know, I needed her during my not so stellar school career. I often relate how bad my school marks where when I got G for German, E for English and D for Dutch. Maths, Science and Accounting got me through.

Every year, except during lockdown, we run away from our amazing kids and spend 10 days riding motorbikes in the USA, Canada and/or Europe. The only time I stop thinking about Data is when I get on the bike and I can enjoy a non-data holiday with my brother Stuart, another special person in our lives.
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The immediate answer is definitely, but the final answer is that it may be beneficial for your spiritual life! You just need to spend five minutes with a recovering addict or one hour in a family support group for addicts to realise that you have entered a hornet’s nest. As...Read more
Letter in the sand: an open conversation with the LGBT community

Letter in the sand: an open conversation with the LGBT community

Paul is the creator of Under The Tamarisk Tree.Click here for a bit more info.
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Our family loves watching movies together. From when the kids were small, it was an opportunity to learn to accommodate each other’s tastes. Sunday nights are movie nights, and we all take turns to pick a movie for the night. We make popcorn, smoothies and later some hot chocolate. When...Read more
Sitting at Heaven’s Gates

Sitting at Heaven’s Gates

I am a fellow Christ follower and married to Paul.We have a teenage daughter, a tween son, two daschunds and now also a rescue puppy.I am a social worker in private practise.I am heading up Phileo Dynamix Counseling Services.We focus on support and social services in the healthcare industry. Please visit for more info.
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I was sitting next to my dad’s hospital bed. The lights were dimmed, curtains slightly drawn. The scent of sanitiser intermingled with hospital food aromas filled the air. Such a clinical setting. Not the ideal scene for my last memories of my dad. Death knocking on the door He never...Read more