Hi, I am Paul.

I am most definitely not the Apostle.

I am also definitely not an Apostle.

Ok maybe an apostle with a small ‘a’ – it simply means “one who is sent” and in that sense, all Christ followers are sent out into the world to be a witness for Jesus.

I believe the essence of the Great Commission (Mt. 28:19) includes that we have to “go, and as you go” make disciples. This gives context to the start where you are, use what you have, do what you can idea – and I had this in mind when I created this site.

Me and my family

I live in the most beautiful city in South Africa (and the world!), Cape Town, though we’re semigrants from Gauteng. I am married to my lovely wife Ronel. I also have two kids, a daughter in high school and a son in primary school. 

By the way, my family all contribute to this site in some way. They seed a lot of the content that goes up here. They also contribute physically; (almost) all photography used on the site are originals and between the three of them (plus Melissa Erasmus, our beloved niece) they produce most of it.

Ronel is a counsellor and medical social worker, a fantastic wife and mother without which our kids would not have found their current passions (for example, Kaylin’s dancing and Paul-Philip’s gymnastics – I would never have thought to expose them to that on my own).

They have other passions too (and sometimes they get us into it). For example, Paul-Philip is kind enough to let me join him in a Fortnite Duos match, or even in a Squad with some of his friends every now and again (but I have to go warm up in Team Rumble first). With Kaylin we play interesting board games – thank heavens she does not expect me to do ballet with her. Roland Eskanazi got me to do that once or twice, but enough about that. And no, I will not blog about it. Ever.  

I love listening to music thanks to my mothers- yes, I have more than one). Especially the harder kind of rock varieties (probably not thanks to my mothers). I also play music – drums, guitar and bass – in that order because that’s the sequence in which I learned to play them.

In case you were wondering, that beard is not real (I wish it was!)

I also enjoy mountain biking, and living near the “home” of one of the biggest mountain bike clubs in the world comes as a real treat. Apart from the sheer fun of riding a bike, I love how it can take me closer to nature and experience more of God’s creation.

Work and studies

I have studied and worked in Data Management and Software Development since the late 90s. Towards the mid-2000s, Ronel received an honours degree in Psychology. She was interested in pursuing a career in clinical Psychology at the time, but changed her mind just before her final exams. I hope she will contribute a guest post to describe her journey at some point.

She was the inspiration behind my decision to take up further study.  

Although I have been a nominal Christian all my life, I did not experience the full power of Jesus’ work and salvation until around 2004. I was starving to learn more about God and His Word. It took a few turns and detours, but I eventually ended up with a B. Th. (Hons.) from the University of Chester through Kings Evangelical and Divinity School in the UK.  The degree focused on Hermeneutics, which means the interpretation and application of the Bible. All our assignment and exams were essay based, and I really fell in love with writing during this time.

I went to the Chester Cathedral, a building parts of which are more than 1000 years old, for the graduation ceremony. For me as a South African, with our oldest building being less than 400 years old, it was a breath taking experience.

Although I aspired to some form of full time ministry at one one stage, my path has led me in another direction and I continue to work as a Data Management/Professional Services/Software Consultant in Cape Town.

I thoroughly enjoy my work, and I have a special appreciation for Ken Costa’s views on Christ-following whilst being in “secular” employment.